Please review our compiled list of FAQ's that resolve most all common trail camera concerns


(Cameras, Batteries, Memory Cards)

Q: Is there a specific battery that will work best in your cameras?

A: Yes - We recommend using Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries as performance is greatly improved and you'll have to change batteries less frequently.


Q: Is there a specific memory card (Full-Size SD or MicroSD) that works best in your cameras?

A: We recommend using SanDisk Memory Cards that are Class 10 quality. Other brands do work in our cameras, but we exclusively use SanDisk due to their high standard of quality.


Q: Should I reformat the memory card upon putting it into the camera for the first time and/or every time I check the camera and replace the card?

A: Yes - You should ALWAYS reformat the memory card via the cameras menu each time that you put a new card into the camera. This is proper trail camera etiquette.


Q: I placed a memory card into the camera, and the screen shows "Card Full". What should I do now?

A: Refer to the above question about memory cards. This means that the card is incorrectly formatted to match the camera's desired format, so reformatting the card in the camera will solve this issue.


Q: I went to check my camera and turned it off, but nothing showed up on the screen? Is it still on?

A: Yes - the camera was re-arming or capturing content at the moment you engaged the power button. Try again as it should work perfectly once it is done taking the photo or video.


Q: What is the recommended setup for the cameras to take the best quality photos and/or videos?

A: We recommend setting your camera on level terrain, facing dew North, about 2-1/2 to 3 feet off of the ground, with the top of the camera being level, about 4-6 yards from the target location, with 10-15+ feet of clean/empty space (no brushes, crops, trees, bushes, etc.) behind the target location, where ground vegetation and debris has been removed, cut, trimmed, or removed. This will prevent most unappealing photos and videos from your trail cameras. Also, avoiding natural shadows from tree canopies and dense timber is best. Our cameras function on natural light, so please try to give your camera as much natural light at possible.


Q: The photos/videos have black lines through it, especially at nighttime and transition times. Why is this?

A: This is the product of weak batteries and your camera trying to crank out as many photos/videos that it can without shutting off. If you see this, please replace your batteries with fresh, new batteries as soon as possible.


Q: In my photos/videos, I see what appears to be an obstruction on the lens that seems circular in nature and odd unlike a bug or leaf or other natural things. What is this, and how do I fix it?

A: This is the result of a stuck filter. This can have other implications such as improper lighting during transition and nighttime hours. A simple fix is to tap the camera to see if you can jar it lose and it will reset itself. If you are not able to do this, we will need to have you send your camera back to us to fix. If we are unable to fix it, it will be replaced if you have a valid registered warranty.


Q: How many days do I have to register the warranty on my camera after purchasing it from you or a dealer?

A: You have 30-days from date of purchase to register your warranty. Any registrations that come in after those 30-days may not be honored.


Q: What camera is best for video use?

A: The PS-Series and GEN-500 are recommended for video use, but our GEN-500 is our best option. We also recommend using 720p in the GEN-500 settings to get a 16:9 video aspect ration compared to our 1080p resolution in a 4:3 aspect ratio.


Q: What is the best photo camera to use?

A: Our favorite photo camera is the PS-Series cameras due to their HD lens.


Q: I have a light flashing repetitively on the front of the camera. What does this mean?

A: This is usually the result of faulty memory card. You will need a new memory card to use the camera. Avoid using anything but a Class 10 quality memory card in our cameras for optimal performance.


Q: My camera was off when I went to check it, but it powered back on. Why is this?

A: This is a situation where your batteries have gotten weak enough to shut the camera off, but not enough to keep the unit from turning back on. Please replace your batteries as soon as possible.


Q: My PS-Series camera has a lock screen showing "0000", and I never set a passcode. What happened, and how do I fix it?

A: Your camera has locked out due to a memory card issue. You will need to email and ask for a firmware file. This will need to be placed onto a memory card and inserted into the camera. Your camera should unlock and be ready to go. To avoid this issue in the future, reformat the memory card every time you put it into the unit.



(Orders & Shipping)

Q: I ordered a camera today. How long does it take to arrive?

A: We have a 1-3 day processing time on orders, and the shipping time is dependent on your location and the USPS. If you have not gotten a tracking number sent to you by day 4 after your order was submitted, excluding weekend days and holidays, please send us a contact message from this website under the "Support" tab in our site menu.


Q: I received the incorrect camera or the incorrect quantity of cameras. What do I do?

A: Please call our Customer Service phone number (888) 276-4072 immediately upon receiving the incorrect shipment. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Q: When does my Warranty timeframe start and how long does it last?

A: From the date of purchase through 2 years of that date unless otherwise noted.


Q: I called the Customer Service number and was sent to voicemail. Is anyone around?

A: We are available from 9:00-5:00pm CST Monday through Friday, except national and regional holidays. If you contacted us during normal business hours and was still sent to voicemail, we are currently on the other line with customers, and we will get back to you as soon as possible by responding to calls in the order that they were received. If it is not urgent, please email us at


Q: The USPS tracking ID shows that my order was delivered to my location, but there is no box here. What should I do?

A: Unfortunately, we are not responsible for the mishandling of your shipment by the shipping provider, USPS. You should contact your local USPS location and inquire directly. There have been instances where boxes have been stolen off of people's private property, so we ask that you try to be available during normal shipping hours based on your local USPS office's hours of operation. Please let us know if this happens as we'd like to help in any way possible.


Q: The website isn't loading fully. What's wrong with your site?

A: The site has many high resolution images on it that tends to suck the speed out of your internet service. Please try to reload the page with a working internet connection. Contact your internet service provider with more questions.


Q: I have tried to checkout, but the system won't let me continue. Why is this?

A: Inputting the incorrect billing address in correlation with the payment type (i.e. debit card or credit card) will cause the system to not complete the transaction. Please consult your banking institution to verify the address on file for your account, and please try again with the order submission.




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