The MONARCH is an elevated soft-shell hunting blind system that is extremely spacious & durable. Built as a 10' elevated advanced steel tower design, you have the ability to adjust the tower height to 5' at your discretion. With padded foam flooring, waterproof & insulated walls, 8 x total shooting windows (4 x archery/vertical; 4 x gun/crossbow/horizontal) and a very comfortable 72" x 72" x 85" interior, you're bound to enjoy hunting hard out of this cost-effective elevated blind system by RADIX Hunting!


SHIPPING: This item is a Special Delivery Item. At time of pre-order purchase, you will pay a flat rate of $7.50 for shipping. This does NOT cover the entire shipping cost of this product. Please contact us directly after purchasing this item to get a specific quote for your entire order. The $7.50 paid will be credited to the overall shipping amount at this time. Please expect at least $150-250 +/- per blind OR $1.25 per mile on freight. Bulk orders will have unique shipping quotes.


  • Overall Weight: 390 - 400lbs

    Adjustable Tower Height: 5' or 10'

    Platform Material: Steel - Coated

    Interior Dimensions: 72" x 72" x 85" (LxWxH)

    Windows: Eight (8) Total (4 x Vertical, 4 x Horizontal)

    Archery Window Dimensions: 45" x 10" (L X W)

    Gun Window Dimensions:  17" x 30" (L X W)

    Weapon Preference: Archery or Firearm

    Insulated Shell: Yes

    Waterproof Shell: Yes

    Assembly Required: Yes

    Shipping: This product is a special delivery item. Please contact us directly after placing your order of blind(s) for a specific shipping quote that will be ran as an additional charge. 


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• Photo Credit(s): Cody Butler, Sydney Hannan, & Matt Petersen

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