Introducing a newly revamped budget-friendly trail camera by Radix, the MT-100 offers a remarkable 12MP HD daylight photo capability with TrueHD color, superior clarity, as well as 720P Video+Audio with 30 FPS out of a 45-degree angled HD lens with a fast 0.7-second trigger speed.

The No-Glow infrared flash conserves battery power while allowing for a solid invisible nighttime photo and/or video capture. 

This unit runs on only 8 x AA batteries (lithium recommended), and can take up to a 32GB SD card.

This camera is supported by Radix Trail Cameras' 2-Year Warranty and remarkable customer service. 

2019 MT-100 (No-Glow)



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    • Photo Credit(s): Cody Butler, Sydney Hannan, & Matt Petersen

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