Put your trail camera exactly where you want it with the NEW Mini-Screw In Tree Mount

  • Adjustable camera tilt
  • 360 degree rotation

The simple, yet versatile, design allows for easy set up and installation:

  • Place L-Bracket at desired location on tree or fencepost and screw into location using adequate pressure.
  • Attach your camera to the Add-a-Cam bracket and slide the Add-a-Cam onto the L-post.
  • Adjust to the direction you wish to capture.

All of our mounts come with the following hardware to mount your trail camera:  1/4×20 – 5/8″ Thumbscrew, 1/4×20 – 1″ Bolt, nylon spacing/retaining washers (subject to change without notice).

Stic N Pic Mini Screw In Mount

SKU: 009


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    • Photo Credit(s): Cody Butler, Sydney Hannan, & Matt Petersen

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